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Insurance board game gets industry’s attention

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NRMA Insurance’s new insurance-focused board game appears to have scratched an industry itch – so you’d better get in quick if you want to give it a try.

As reported last week, Help! The Board Game enables players to learn about “real-life risks” without putting themselves in danger.

“Make your way around Australia and face floods, fires, tremors, tornadoes, burglars and bin chickens,” the game’s website says.

More than 50 life change and disaster cards mean “you risk facing an Aussie disaster or a dramatic life change with every roll of the dice”.

Assets can be protected with special domes that represent insurance “because one wrong move could wipe you out of the game”. Whoever has the most assets intact at the end of the game is the winner.

Our article on the game was our most popular story of the past seven days, and the game even featured in a BuzzFeed list of “31 gifts you basically can’t go wrong with”.

“It's the ideal present for anyone in your life that lives and breathes the "she'll be 'right" attitude, without thinking about the consequences,” BuzzFeed says.

Our LinkedIn feed was also attracting clicks and comments, although some couldn’t help sniping.

“I bet there are many challenge cards where a broker asks an insurer to go on risk for something that is not completely safe and vanilla...and the insurer says no and you go back 10 spaces,” said one commenter whose occupation is fairly obvious.

IAG Director of Content and Customer Engagement Zara Curtis says the game will help Australians understand the value of insurance.

Some 30,000 copies of the game will be sold for $25 each, through the website and retailer Kmart.

It was developed in partnership with advertising agency CHE Proximity, whose Chief Creative Officer Ant White says the game introduces “a fun way to talk about something no one wants to talk about – insurance”.

Some of the profits from the sale of the game will be donated to the Australian Red Cross.

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