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Allianz tests workers’ comp claims app

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Allianz is piloting a smartphone app that helps customers navigate their workers’ compensation claims.

The Claims Companion tool uses Deakin University’s Genie platform to show what treatment is available and how payments are received, and to offer patient resources.

Claimants from Sydney Water, the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, and TAFE NSW will use it during a three-month trial that began last month.

The app, supported by machine learning, uses a chat interface and voice recognition to respond quickly and accurately to customer enquiries, and combines different aspects of the claims and recovery process in one application.

“The Claims Companion by Genie is an important, easily accessible tool that puts workers in control of their recovery while providing them with the right level of support, care and motivation as they navigate what can be a complicated claims process,” Allianz GM, Government Services Mark Pittman said.

“We look forward to sharing the learnings from the initial trial, as well as expanding the knowledge and capability of the Claims Companion by Genie. This is just the beginning.”