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SIRA consults on psychological standard, CTP support

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The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is consulting on a new standard of practice for managing psychological injury claims.

The updated standard is designed to help insurers adopt practices related to a person-centred approach, collaboration, early identification of support needs and outcome focused decision making.

Feedback is due by October 23, with more details available here.

SIRA has also started a consultation to review legal support for injured people covered by the compulsory third party (CTP) insurance scheme.

“Legal representation plays an important part in ensuring that injured people have the necessary support to access their entitlements under the CTP scheme,” it says.

“SIRA has had feedback that the current legal costs structure could be improved to ensure injured people are able to access timely and affordable legal support.”

The review will consider expanding the Independent Legal Assistance and Review Service, as well as the role of SIRA’s Legal Advisory Service.

An online form is available for completion by November 1.