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SIRA appoints motor accidents insurance leader

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The  NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority  (SIRA) has appointed  Petrina  Casey as Executive Director of Motor Accidents Insurance Regulation.

She has been  the acting Executive Director since February.

Dr Casey  joined SIRA in 2015, holding  senior roles across workers’ compensation, home building  and healthcare strategy and supervision.

SIRA says she has been instrumental in leading a wide-ranging healthcare review of the $1 billion spent each year in its personal injury schemes.

She  designed and implemented Australia’s first study to measure customer experience and outcomes in the schemes.

Dr Casey holds a Master of Public Health and a Doctor of Philosophy from Sydney University Faculty of Medicine. Her research principally focused on the intersection between health, legal and claims outcomes in a personal injury compensation policy setting.

Her appointment follows the recent announcement that Adam Dent will start as SIRA CEO on July 5. He is currently  CEO of NSW Trustee & Guardian.

Mr  Dent takes over from Carmel Donnelly, who  recently left to  become Chairman  of the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal.

Theresa  Fairman  is acting CEO  during the transition period.