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NSW to set up new injury scheme complaints body

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Dispute resolution for the NSW workers’ compensation and compulsory third party (CTP) schemes will be handled by a single tribunal in a change to simplify the system.

The Personal Injury Commission will start operating in March, with specialist motor accident and worker’s compensation divisions, after legislation passed the NSW Parliament last week.

“The purpose of the commission is to simplify the dispute resolution process and deal with disputes justly, quickly and as cost-efficiently as possible,” Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello said.

The change was made after a parliamentary committee review found the multiple bodies involved in the existing system could be confusing for people navigating disputes.

Last year around 7000 dispute applications were lodged in the Workers Compensation Commission, while 10,000 CTP claim disputes were considered by three other bodies.

The legislation also introduces an Independent Review Office that can deal with claims complaints about insurers in both the CTP and workers’ compensation schemes.