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ACT cracks down on ‘shifty’ construction work

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A new team of government building certifiers in the ACT will break the link between building firms and inspectors in a further crackdown on “dodgy” property developers.

The team of public sector certifiers will help restore confidence in the ACT construction sector, the territory’s Government says.

Minister for Building Quality Improvement Gordon Ramsay says the change will ensure Canberra has the highest quality buildings and “stop the rot and crack down on shifty players throughout the whole construction supply chain”.

The introduction of government certifiers will allow consumers to make better judgements about who they're trusting to approve building work, and encourage developers not to cut corners, he says.

"We have seen too many cases where property developers have forced other parts of the industry to cut on costs and influence process…and leave owners with the bill for their dodgy work,” Mr Ramsay said.

“Canberrans should not have to chase non-existent companies for building defects while the culprit is able to wind up one company and continue to operate.”.

The government team will operate on a fee-for-service basis and may be required by regulation for certain types of development.

The ACT Greens Party has welcomed the increased inspection of large-scale residential developments but says the Government must do more to improve building standards, arguing that all buildings where the builder has been the subject of regulatory action should be assessed by a government building certifier.