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WFI highlights risks of burglary on farms

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Farmers are urged to keep their properties and valuables safe after nearly 700 farms across Australia lodged insurance claims for theft in the last year, according to claims data at IAG subsidiary WFI Insurance.

Power tools, chainsaws, motorbikes and quadbikes are common items stolen from farm sheds, as well as personal items such as jewellery and watches, cash, mobile phones and devices. Car keys and the matching vehicle are also a prime target for thieves.

WFI says livestock are also exposed, with its claims data revealing more than 4000 animals were reported stolen in the past year.

“It’s easy to become complacent when it comes to farm security,” IAG Executive Manager Agri Solutions Andrew Beer said. “Sometimes it’s just more convenient to leave the ute keys in the ignition when it’s parked in the shed, or leave the front door unlocked when you’re off down the paddock.”

To keep properties safe, WFI recommends farmers become more conscious of the need to secure their homes and sheds at all times, particularly if they plan to be off their property for a period.

They should keep an inventory of all tools, machinery and equipment, with serial numbers and photographs.

Mr Beer says that apart from locking up equipment, fuel should also be secured. “It’s among the top items stolen from farms.”