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In the latest edition of Insurance News magazine

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The Federal Government’s decision to rely on a reinsurance pool and a mitigation program is intended to push down premium pressures for cyclone-prone northern Australia. But will it succeed? That depends. Insurance Magazine’s June/July edition examines the long-awaited government initiatives and speaks to key stakeholders about their chances of solving the problems.

If you thought the brokerage buying race must be coming to an end, think again. The cover story in this edition outlines the strategy of industry identities Paul Lynam and Adrian Kitchin to build a new national broker network for UK broking powerhouse Ardonagh.

Insurance News journalists also cover the re-emergence of an insurance option that just might help to meet the challenges of what’s said to be the hardest insurance market in 40 years. Do mutual insurers have the answers?

You can also meet Sharon Ooi, Swiss Re’s new Australia and New Zealand chief, who came to insurance from a science background, and learn about how former CHU chief Bobby Lehane found tranquillity in NSW’s rockpools – all 100 of them – while raising money for Lifeline.

From mega-ships and their insurance nightmares to the dark world of online ransoms, Insurance News magazine has the information you need to stay abreast of our rapidly changing industry.

The latest issue will be published online and mailed out to subscribers over the next few days. Enjoy!