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In the February/March edition of Insurance News magazine

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While 2020 was a year to forget, 2021 should be the year for finding answers. That’s the theme of the latest edition of Insurance News magazine, which is due to be mailed out later this week.

We have assembled views on the industry’s future with heavy-hitters who are working to keep ahead of the ever-evolving issues this year and beyond.

Broking and industry group leaders highlight key challenges and opportunities, ICA CEO Andrew Hall explains why he wants to implement change and not just talk about it, and we feature an illuminating Q&A with IAG’s new CEO Nick Hawkins.

Another must-read article examines the shifting broking landscape which has enabled powerful new entrants to emerge, with the money and influence to change the Australian market even further.

We also run the ruler over the ACCC’s final report from its three-year inquiry into the availability and affordability of insurance in northern Australia, and ask: What does it say that hasn’t been said before?

And 10 years after the devastating Canterbury earthquakes that tested New Zealand – and Australian-based insurers – like never before, we look in detail at the lessons learned over a decade of recovery.

It’s all in the latest edition of Australia’s most popular print publication, Insurance News magazine, available soon in hard copy and online.