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This is the final Monday edition of for 2019, with our Daily update service continuing through to Friday. We will be back in action from Monday February 3.

During the recess our Breaking News service will continue to operate, ensuring coverage of any important industry developments.

I’m delighted to report that continued to grow during 2019, with several thousand more professionals signing on to bring our subscription list to well over 28,000.

Including today’s bulletin, we have published 2617 articles since February, covering a vast range of insurance subjects. Those articles have generated a remarkable 6,669,335 pageviews. We can confidently say no competitor comes close to achieving such figures.

A very large industry audience is a big advantage for advertisers, which is just as well because without our advertisers there would be no Insurance News. So we thank our sponsors sincerely for their continuing support and urge readers to click through to their sites as often as possible. Try it. It’s good for everyone.

Thanks also to all those professionals who have helped us through the year with tip-offs, on and off the record. You’ve trusted us to treat sensitive information responsibly and you’ve talked to us even when sometimes you would have preferred not to.

It’s the insights of our large field of contacts that have helped build its reputation as the go-to source of reliable insurance industry news and information. Our coverage corrects market gossip, expands understanding and illustrates to everyone the vital role insurance plays in an increasingly crazy world. We’re proud to be accepted as a part of the industry.

The team at joins me in wishing all our readers a safe, healthy and happy festive season.

Terry McMullan