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TALís Claims Assist on offer at super fund partners

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TAL has rolled out its Claims Assist digital service to superannuation fund partners to help their members more easily manage claims.

Seven of TAL’s superannuation fund partners are now offering members access to Claims Assist, which was launched in 2018 and makes claiming simple, transparent and quick.

Claims Assist offers tailored automation to maximise administration efficiency. It simplifies the tracking of a claim, allowing customers to upload documents and clarify any information requirements which are outstanding.

“By giving our customers a simple way to submit their claim documents and track progress instantly, Claims Assist can enhance our customers’ peace of mind so they can focus on what matters most – getting better,” TAL Chief Claims Officer Jenny Oliver says. “Claims Assist gives our customers choice in the way they interact with us.”

Customers who use Claims Assist submit requirements more quickly and have lower inbound calls and increased satisfaction, she says, while TAL’s claim consultants are freed to focus on supporting the more personal or complex aspects of a claim.