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CoTé pitches AI platform Agencymate to US insurance agents

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Australian-owned CoTé Software and Solutions has launched its Agencymate platform in the US, featuring emerging technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The omni-channel platform promises to help insurance agents manage their business efficiently and in compliance with state regulations, allowing agents to prioritise selling policies and servicing customers instantly from anywhere.

“To meet the needs of an evolving, digital world, Agencymate removes the cumbersome and costly technological hurdles insurance agents face and replaces it with emerging technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to ensure the customer experience delivers better business outcomes,” CoTé said.

CoTé Chief Technology Officer Rudi Steyn says current Agency Management Solutions are not solving the market problems many insurance agents face because the developers of the systems are “approaching them from an insurance perspective, not a business perspective”.

“To be able to launch such an innovative and truly exceptional product into such a fast-paced and growing market is exciting,” he said.

CoTé worked to automate every business process from start to finish, achieving operational efficiencies by utilising emerging technologies to ensure streamlined processes and a superior customer experience.

The market response is already exceeding expectations, with brand alignments such as a new partnership with Standard Premium Finance helping to boost take up. CoTé has offices in Melbourne, Sydney. Brisbane, Delaware, California and Singapore.