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SSP platform facilitates Gallagher digital products

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Systems provider SSP says Gallagher Australia has expanded a digital-first product offering that’s provided through the technology group’s insurance platform.

A natural therapies product has been added, in addition to fitness professionals insurance and the IMAR product for tradies introduced last year.

Gallagher is able to cost-effectively roll-out products in a 4-5 months cycle using a “design-configure-launch-repeat” approach enabled by the SPP Insurance Platform, the technology firm says.

The platform offers online purchasing and provides self-service capabilities for customers to administer and renew their portfolio. Gallagher says the IMAR product launch has allowed processing of higher volumes of new business while leveraging automation to reduce manual back-office administration tasks.

“The rapid launch of the natural therapies product is the next step in building out our range of tailored digital small business insurance solutions,” Gallagher Head of Digital & Delivery Rattana Sysengrath said.

The company says despite this year’s challenges and restrictions the customer take up of the new digital channel has exceeded expectations.

SSP Asia Pacific GM Paul Miller says the platform provides a simplified approach for adding new products compared with a legacy system approach that would typically take much longer and be more prone to problems.

“We are delivering on our promise to enable insurance customers to get innovative products to market both rapidly and cost effectively,” Mr Miller said.