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FSU warns Suncorp over job cuts consultation

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The Finance Sector Union (FSU) is threatening to file a dispute with the Fair Work Commission over consultation on the axing of 550 roles at Suncorp.

FSU says the 550 positions are in addition to job losses stemming from the closure of 19 bank branches and one business centre, and that they fall across the business, including insurance.

Informed sources previously told the Vero commercial insurance business will not be severely hit by the cuts, while plans for the company’s diverse direct insurance operations have not been disclosed.

“We’re ultimately looking at about 600 jobs,” FSU Queensland Local Executive Secretary Wendy Streets told

“It’s a big loss of jobs for Suncorp and it’s right across the organisation including IT, insurance, and banking. There are people in insurance claims who have been told they are impacted.”

FSU wrote to Suncorp yesterday, complaining its members had not been given enough information.

“Many reported being unclear if they were in scope or not, and for those who are in scope they are unclear if their job will continue to exist in the proposed structure,” the letter says.

“Members report that there are no job descriptions available for the 180 new jobs that are being created, and no detailed information about what jobs are available for them to apply for.”

FSU claims there is “a lack of trust and goodwill” between workers and management.

“Members were appalled that the CEO announced that the restructure would not bring large scale job losses, yet the following week made this announcement that 550 roles would be shed,” the letter says.

“At what point would Suncorp consider job losses to be large?”

FSU seeks an extension of the consultation period to allow staff to be provided with more information.

“At a minimum, FSU expects that staff who are impacted by this change are provided with a copy of the proposed structure as well as job descriptions for the jobs that have been created or will be available for staff to be repointed.

“Should Suncorp refuse to extend the consultation period or address the legitimate concerns of employees raised in this correspondence, FSU may file a dispute in the Fair Work Commission.”

Suncorp declined to respond to FSU's statements.

“As we’ve already stated, Suncorp is working closely with our people as we align teams under the operating model we announced in July to ensure we can support the changing needs of our customers through and beyond COVID-19," a spokesman told today.

"Last week our teams were advised of the proposed changes and we are fully committed to continuing to consult with our people and supporting those impacted.”