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Crash causes: Rear-ending most common culprit

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Almost a third of all car crashes are caused by rear-ending the car in front, according to research released by AAMI today.

The insurer’s Crash Index, which analyses claims data from 360,000 accidents over the last financial year, shows most car collisions are triggered by loss of concentration on the roads.

One quarter of car crashes are caused by failing to give way, and one-in-five accidents are collisions with stationary objects.

Most people involved in an incident take their eyes off the road or try to multi-task while driving, an AAMI spokeswoman says.

Some 26% of NSW car accidents are caused by failing to give way to other drivers – the highest in the country. Victoria came second at 25%.

The index linked this behaviour to impatient driving and lapses in judgment.

The morning commute is the second most common time for car accidents, with 24% of accidents occurring at that time. Some 20% of crashes occurred between 4.30pm and 8pm.

Friday is the worst day of the week for car accidents, accounting for nearly 16% of all crashes. The safest day is Sunday, when only 10% of accidents occur.

Drivers should avoid distractions like mobile phones or other digital distractions, and expect unexpected behaviour from other drivers, the spokeswoman says.