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Youi offers 10% refunds on home insurance

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Youi is offering customers who are at home more due to the COVID-19 crisis a 10% refund on their home insurance premiums for the next three months.

The offer comes after Youi originally offered three months of 15% refunds on car insurance premiums in mid-April which the insurer says sparked “incredible demand” with more than 230,000 customers taking up the offer.

Youi now says it will offer 10% premium refunds on car insurance for a further three months.

CEO Hugo Schreuder said home insurance costs had declined as many customers were spending more time at home and so their homes were safer.

“The fair thing to do is to support them as much as possible by passing on our savings to them,” Mr Schreuder says. “It’s not just our job as an insurer, but it’s also the right thing to do.”

Youi’s premium relief applies to existing and new customers who are currently at home more due to the pandemic.

Customers can opt in on the Youi website.