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IAG urges Australians to prepare for tropical cyclones, floods

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IAG has issued new fact sheets educating Australians about tropical cyclone and flood risk and encouraging them to take action to prepare for destructive weather events.

Australia is at present experiencing a La Niña weather system, which brings a higher risk of severe storms.

IAG claims data shows the average claims cost to repair homes affected by floods during last year’s Townsville floods was $80,000.

Its research reveals extreme tropical cyclones, storms, hail, floods and bushfires are becoming more frequent and intense in a warmer world. The increase in global temperatures to date is already influencing these events and impacting communities now, the insurer says.

“It’s important that people are aware of the risks they face based on where they live so that they can prepare for these weather events,” IAG EM Natural Perils Mark Leplastrier said.

The IAG Flood Fact Sheet highlights the local government areas in each state at highest risk and outlines the potential damage and clean-up costs they may face, including the cost of stripping-out wall linings and floors to sanitise properties.

The Tropical Cyclone Fact Sheet provides an overview of the key risk areas and outlines the different wind regions and wind classifications that homeowners should be aware of when building or renovating their homes.

It also provides an overview of retrofitting options for homes to make them more resilient. It also calls on property-owners to check local council websites for storm tide zone and evacuation information.

The fact sheets were developed by IAG’s Natural Perils team, which comprises climate scientists, meteorologists, hydrologists, engineers, statisticians and actuaries.