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Technology set to transform insurance job openings

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Insurance processes will become increasingly automated but more jobs will be available in areas that are complex, require high-level judgment and emotional intelligence, CSIRO Senior Principal Scientist Stefan Hajkowicz says.

“There will be a relentless push to automate all sorts of business processes, including in the insurance industry,” he told the Insurance Council of Australia annual forum.

But digital megatrends such as the rise of data and intelligent machines don’t necessarily mean fewer job opportunities amid the wave of change, Dr Hajkowicz says.

“It is just another set of really powerful tools that make you way more useful in your jobs if you learn how to use them,” he said.

Dr Hajkowicz heads the CSIRO Data61 Insight team which produces research and modelling to help governments, businesses and communities adapt to technological change.

Other digital megatrends include the empowerment of customers and the development of digital platforms, such as blockchain, that provide new ways for transactions to take place.

Dr Hajkowicz says “online burnout” was contributing to a backlash against technology companies in some cases, highlighting opportunities from maintaining a strong personal connection with customers.