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Claims start-up’s co-founder becomes GM

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New claims, legal and risk management company Paratus has appointed one of its founders, Sean Hayes, as GM.

Mr Hayes was previously CGU’s national agencies and self-insurance manager.

He founded Paratus in June with Geoff Brookes and HBA Legal founders Brett Ablong and Nathan Hepple.

Paratus says it challenges traditional claims management models by integrating legal services and continual risk assessment.

Mr Hayes will drive the company’s “pathway” approach, combining legal and risk expertise from HBA Legal with IT solutions to help mostly London clients.

“Lawyers have always been considered the costly part of the equation, but we’re showing that legal integration is the key to cost reduction,” he said. “Long claims durations and inflated costs are no longer tolerated and no longer acceptable.”

Paratus is part of the HBA Group. It opened its Melbourne office last month.