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Regulator looks at boosting telematics uptake

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The National Transport Commission will review telematics use for regulatory purposes, to find ways of encouraging further take-up.

It will consult with transport operators, telematics service providers, road agencies and government certification agencies to identify opportunities to harness benefits of emerging technology.

“Telematics can boost productivity and safety by making it easier to share more accurate data between vehicles, drivers, operators and third parties,” CEO Paul Retter said.

“We are already seeing telematics technology being used by operators for commercial and internal compliance purposes in the freight sector.

“While telematics technology is also being used for regulatory purposes, such as allowing vehicles with higher mass limits to gain additional network access, the level of uptake is not as strong as it could be.

“This review will help us to better understand why this is and how we may improve uptake using current systems at a minimum cost to operators.”

A report will be published in March.