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NIBA keen to make case at NSW fire levy hearing

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The NSW inquiry into the future of the fire and emergency services levy will hold a hearing on August 13.

A parliamentary committee is examining funding alternatives after plans to remove the levy on insurance premiums and replace it with a council rates charge were put on hold last year.

The insurance industry believes taxes on insurance are inefficient and encourage underinsurance, and was hugely disappointed with the Government’s announcement last May.

The Insurance Council of Australia says the last-minute backflip cost insurers more than $40 million.

No agenda or further details about the hearing have been released, but the National Insurance Brokers Association sees an opportunity to put the industry’s position.

“We’ve given a strong indication that we are keen to appear and give the industry’s perspective,” CEO Dallas Booth told

“[The levy] is a massive cost that should not be there. The Government has got to get its property levy modelling right and then take it from there.”