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Insurers push for access to driving records

Drivers with demerit points for speeding and other traffic offences could pay more for insurance, as compulsory third party (CTP) insurers in NSW push for access to policyholders’ records.

Insurance Council of Australia spokesman Campbell Fuller says insurers are constantly seeking new and enhanced data to “more precisely measure and price risk”.

“Insurers remain in conversation with the regulators in NSW about the possibility of accessing real-time data on demerit points accrued by policyholders,” he said.

“This information would be used, along with a range of other factors, to offer premiums that more closely reflect each motorist’s risk. Insurers would be able to offer lower CTP premiums to safer drivers. However, evidence of unsafe driving, such as demerit points for speeding, may result in insurers quoting higher premiums.”

Rewards for safe behaviour may encourage consumers to reduce their risk, he says.

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