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ACCC warns of technology trials

Technology does not just bring benefits but also presents challenges, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has warned.

In a speech to the National Consumer Congress, Chairman Rod Sims reflected on issues of consumer protection in a changing world.

“Technology brings access to more products, services or information than at any previous time in history, but with it come new challenges,” he said.

He also warned about privacy and accessibility issues relating to personal data.

“The amount of data people share day to day is enormous, yet much of it is inaccessible to the people who created it,” he said.

“It’s in this sort of situation that advocacy can make a significant impact.

“By fighting for the rights of the consumer in a changing digital landscape, you can help ensure consumer protection moves with the times, and that consumers are not caused detriment by fast-moving, disruptive technologies or by anti-competitive responses to those technologies by incumbent businesses.”


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