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‘Role-model advisers’ seeking to enhance education

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Advisers are signing up for education courses as higher qualification requirements loom, according to Mentor Education Principal Mark Sinclair.

The training group has noted increased enrolments for diploma, advanced diploma, bachelor and masters courses.

Adviser enquiries about industry qualification courses focus on building productivity and operational efficiency, Dr Sinclair says.

“Contrary to many of the headlines proclaiming a mass exodus of planners, there is a solid core of role-model advisers determined to capitalise on the opportunities in the advice era.

“They are positioning themselves through academic endeavour and professional development.

Subjects advisers are taking at Mentor focus on lifting productivity through technical and management skills, entrepreneurship, financial management, human resources, marketing and interpersonal engagement. Related studies include wealth protection, aged care, succession planning and self-managed superannuation funds.

“Our interaction with forward-focused advisers has confirmed they’re determined to be faster to respond to opportunities, profitable, streamlined and attuned to client needs,” Dr Sinclair said. He says productivity improvement will be the focus for practitioners as they position their businesses to grow without increasing operational costs.

“The long-term benefits will be measured in significantly heightened levels of consumer trust and confidence, and the standing of financial advisers as highly respected professional practitioners,” he said.