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MLC intervention scheme wins innovation prize

MLC Life Insurance has won a Canstar innovation excellence award for its pre-claim early engagement service.

The holistic service helps claimants quickly return to health following illness or injury.

Product ratings group Canstar received 52 submissions for the innovation award from the banking, insurance and investment industries. MLC is the only life insurer recognised.

MLC Chief Customer Officer Suzanne Smith says the insurer works with employers to identify possible long-term work absences. It then engages with customers during the claim-waiting period, to support an early return to work or a smooth transition to a claim.

“We’re committed to not only providing affordable and accessible life insurance products… but ensuring the customer receives our support and the best outcome for them,” she said.

“The service embodies this goal by offering customers a holistic service that focuses on their long-term wellbeing.”

MLC also collaborates with employers on promoting healthier workplaces, including mental health awareness.

The early engagement service was tested in the group life business, and will expand to retail clients later this year.

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