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IAG develops driver distraction app

IAG is testing and developing a smartphone app to discourage driver distraction and reward safe behaviour.

EGM Innovation James Orchard says smartphone distraction has contributed to rising numbers of road incidents, and IAG is keen to make a difference.

The project is still in its early stages, but has been piloted by employees.

“You can switch on the app when you start your car, and switch it off when you reach your destination, creating a safer journey free of mobile phone distractions,” Mr Orchard said.

“We know our customers like to be recognised for good behaviour, so within the app drivers will be able to accumulate points for safe driving, which can then be redeemed for rewards.”

IAG says response to the trial was “incredibly positive”, with the employees testing the device saying the app discouraged them from reaching for their phone while they were behind the wheel.

“The distracted driving app is now being developed for initial pilot in our Sydney incubator, allowing us to lean on the skills of both internal and external talent who can help us evolve and improve the program of work,” Mr Orchard said.

IAG has also announced the acquisition of Christchurch-based telematics business CCS Innovation in Logistics.

CCS employs six people and has been a partner of NZI, and previously Lumley, for 11 years.

NZI EGM Travis Atkinson says CCS will be managed as a standalone entity with founder Corinne Watson as GM, to maintain independence of advice.

“CCS’ track record of innovation and its proven ability to enhance fleet safety and efficiency will be developed separately, but as part of our determination to offer value and support to our customers,” Mr Atkinson said.

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