ANZIIF Webinar: How to Build an Intelligence-led Risk Culture

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This webinar will help you understand what risk intelligence is and why adopting this practice is beneficial for your organisation. Ideal for anyone interested in risk management.

Presented by Brett Peppler, Managing Director at Intelligent Futures.

Attendees at this session will learn:

  • Why growing complexity requires us to be less concerned about the efficient operation of the risk system and more concerned about informing 'strategic conversations' from different points of view
  • How robust strategic conversations can lead to positive outcomes by shifting our focus to preventing problems from happening in the first place
  • How to follow a surer path to risk maturity by making decisions more anticipatory, making insights more actionable, and reducing the prospect of surprises
Venue: Online
Time: 12.00pm - 1.00pm AEST
Event Manager:    Melanie Hansen
Phone: 03 9613 7200