Insurtech Event: There's No Place Like Home

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During this event you will hear from a panel of leading professionals who will discuss the future of home and insurance and their views on the challenges and opportunities for the insurance industry. A series of short videos will also bring to life four potential future scenarios for the home.

Panel members:

  • Ben Flink, Senior Manager Innovation, RAA
  • Rita Yates, CEO Insurtech Australia
  • Carolyn Curtis, CEO TACSI
  • Rohan Hamden, CEO XDI

Topics will include:

  • South Australia is virtually a one-city state. Where will we live when climate change and resource scarcity cause Adelaide to become unliveable?
  • What happens when governments can’t pay for public services and homelessness is on the rise?
  • Will you live with your parents forever or will they live with you? And how will this change family dynamics?
  • Have we killed the golden goose? After being locked out of the housing market, will young people take their revenge and not buy houses?
Venue: Stone & Chalk
Location: Lot Fourteen, North Terrace, Adelaide
Time: 5.30pm - 7.30pm
Event Manager:   
Insurtech Australia