RMIA Event: Cyber and Quantitative Risk Management (Vic)

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This event features a presentation on the FAIR Quantitative Risk Methodology, originally designed to help tackle cyber risk, but equally applicable to other quantifiable operational risk areas. The FAIR methodology allows you to quantify your risk exposure and make informed, risk-based decisions about mitigation and control strategies.

A panel session which will discuss "building risk maturity and capability in your organisation" includes speakers with experience in cyber and general risk management and leadership talking about what it takes to build capability and maturity in your organisation.

Speaker: Koen Bins, Senior Manager Risk Assurance at PwC.

Q&A Panel: 

  • Dr Darryl Carlton, Information Security Expert, Consultant and Lecturer
  • James Fell, Chief Information Security Officer at Cenitex (Centre for IT Excellence)
  • Rohan Davies, Senior Adviser to Government on Cyber at Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Michael Collins, General Manager Information Security at HESTA.
Deakin Downtown
Location: Tower 2, Level 12, 727 Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic
4.00pm - 6.00pm
Event Manager:   
Email: events@rmia.org.au
Phone: 02 9095 2504
Website: www.rmia.org.au