Dive In Festival: #Inclusion Impact - itís time for action (Vic)

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At this event, Dr Jennifer Whelan, Managing Director at Psynapse Psychometics will unpack the insights from a recent survey of 600 people working in insurance. This survey asked how inclusion is perceived, leader capability, inclusion practices, flexible work and psychological safety.

Dr Whelan will lead a discussion with participants across four key themes where tangible actions will make the insurance and risk industry measurably more inclusive, including:

  • Closing the gender gap in inclusion
  • Enabling more flexible ways of working
  • Better engaging with employees across generations
  • Enhancing leaders’ understanding of their inclusion impact.
Grand Hyatt
Location: 123 Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic
3.00pm - 5.00pm 
Event Manager:   Dive In Festival 2019
Dive In Festival 2019