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Insurance with INsight: Vero SME Index 2022 (Episode 3)

Welcome to Insurance with INsight, produced by Insurance News in partnership with Vero. Over this four-part series of podcasts, we will be examining the results of the latest Vero SME Index, which each year measures the effectiveness of insurance and the brokers who work with small to medium-sized businesses. 

In this podcast, we look at what many brokers see as the most crucial and challenging areas in the relationship between them and insurers: claims.

It’s where the problems emerge and the controversies turn up, and where disagreement between broker and insurer can fray tempers and anger clients. The most telling claims statistic from the Vero SME Index is this: 63% of broker clients are satisfied with the result of their claims compared to only 42% of direct buyers.

There are certainly plenty of indicators showing the importance of communication with clients to build a relationship of trust and claims is clearly no different.

View the 2022 SME Insurance Index here.