Essential HR Practices Workshop (NSW)

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Participants will learn about sound people management processes and develop an awareness of the IR/HR legislation that governs our employment landscape. Incoprorates changes to workplace relations legislation.

Key topics:

  • "Best fit” v “best practice” – what’s right for your workplace?
  • RG 104 and 105 and people management practices
  • Employment contracts and workplace agreements – making agreements with employees and contractors under the new regime
  • Overview of recruitment and selection
  • Overview of induction and managing the probationary period
  • Overview of performance management
  • Overview of training and development
  • Overview of termination issues.
Venue: Karstens
Location: 111 Harrington Street, Sydney, NSW
9.00am - 5.00pm
Event Manager:   
Gold Seal
Phone: 03 9510 5100